Software Update - Ability to move and merge supervisors (May 10, 2016)


Today we went live with an update that allows you to move and/or merge supervisors across sites.  This function is useful if you ever log hours under the wrong site/supervisor by mistake. In the past the hours had to be deleted and re-entered.  Now you can move hours with a couple of clicks!  

  • You can move a supervisor and all logged hours from one site to another site.
  • If you have the same supervisor at two sites you can merge all of the hours under that supervisor to one of the sites.
  • If you attempt to merge a supervisor across two sites and there is a conflict (hours logged on the same day in the same category under that supervisor at both sites) you will receive an alert informing you of the conflict that you must resolve before merging the supervisors.

Like everything else in TYH, we made this really simple.  To move a supervisor:
   1) Click the Sites tab.  
   2) Click Move Supervisor (see screen snap below; link is on far right).
   3) Select the site to which you want to move the supervisor. 
   4) Enjoy the time you just saved by avoiding the re-entry of hours!

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