Software Update - LCSW Reporting Supervision Hours (Mar 21, 2016)


The BBS has informed us that in order to claim supervision hours the hours must: 1) be included in the calculation for line #4 average hours worked per week; AND; 2) be added to line #7 total hours in client-centered advocacy, consultation, evaluation & research on your experience verification forms.  TrackYourHours was previously updated so that the supervision hours are included in the calculation for line #4 (average hours worked per week).  Last week the BBS informed us of the second requirement and today we updated TrackYourHours so that when you generate an experience verification form your individual and group supervision hours are also added to line #7.  

Please note that in order to claim your supervision hours you will need to re-print your experience verification forms and get them re-signed.  If you submit forms that were printed prior to today (March 21, 2016) your supervision hours will NOT be counted as experience hours toward the 3,200 hour requirement.  As part of this update we reset the answer to the question about re-printing pre-2016 forms to "No" at the bottom of your Dashboard.  If you are able to re-print the forms change the answer to "Yes" and the pre-2016 supervision hours will be added into your valid total.     

We apologize for the inconvenience of re-printing forms but we just received this new information from the BBS last week.  We made the update and notified you as soon as we confirmed the information with the BBS.  This process is confusing because the BBS has not updated their forms and they have not released an FAQ document or posted any new information on their website.  We have confirmed the information included in this posting in writing with the BBS.  

When you reprint your forms lines #4, #7 and #8 will update to include your supervision hours.  Your individual and group supervision hours will be added to each of these lines as long as you are not already maxed out at 40 hours per week during the reporting period.  

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    Martina Steiner

    I don't understand what the change is and who needs to reprint forms. I've been using Track Your Hours since 2014. Do all of my forms need to be reprinted and resigned?

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