Software Update - MFT Pre-Degree Counseling Hours (Feb 18, 2016)


Today we went live with an update that will make tracking your practicum hours easier.  Your Dashboards now include the category "Pre-Degree Individual, Group and CFC Psychotherapy".  This category sums all pre-degree hours logged in the following categories:

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Couples, Family or Child Psychotherapy (couples/family hours are NOT double counted)

For purposes of this new category the definitions of recorded and valid are as follows:  

  • Recorded = raw total of all hours logged 
  • Valid = hours logged in weeks without at least 1 unit of supervision are subtracted from the valid total; couples/family hours are NOT double counted in this category so you can easily see how many hours you can claim at your practicum (150 hours can be double counted for purposes of licensure requirements but not school requirements)

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