Software Update - LCSW Reporting Supervision and Workshop Hours (Jan 28, 2016)


We have spoken to the BBS and received additional information about how you need to report your hours under the new experience requirements.  Please read below for important updates related to the reporting of pre-2016 supervision hours and workshop hours.  Although the new experience requirement changes are extremely positive, determining how many hours you can claim has become much more complex.  TYH has been updated to make this process extremely easy for you.   

Pre-2016 Supervision Hours – Per the BBS, if you want to claim supervision hours logged prior to January 1, 2016 you must reprint and have you pre-2016 experience verification forms resigned.  If you don’t reprint your old forms your supervision hours will not be counted toward the 3,200 hour requirement.  The reprinting of forms is necessary because in order for the supervision hours to be counted they must be added to the calculation for “#4 average hours worked per week (max 40)” and "#7 total hours in client-centered advocacy, etc. on your experience verification forms. Historically these lines only included experience hours but now that supervision hours can be counted they must be added to these lines so they can be claimed.  We have updated the forms produced by TYH to include supervision hours in this calculation for all date ranges (pre- and post-2016).  In order to ensure that your valid total in TrackYourHours is accurate we are starting with the assumption that you will be unable to get all of your pre-2016 forms re-signed.  When you login to your account and scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard Summary report you will see an option to include the pre-2016 supervision hours in your total valid hours.  If you are able to get all of your pre-2016 experience verification forms re-signed you just need to answer yes to the question “I have reprinted ALL of my experience verification forms for hours logged prior to Jan 1, 2016” and the software will include these hours in your valid hour calculation.  If you leave the answer to the question as “No”, then the pre-2016 hours will continue to be excluded from your valid total.  Before taking the time to get your forms re-signed, we recommend answering yes to the question on the dashboard to determine how many additional hours you would be able to claim if you updated all of your old forms.  Note your valid hour total and then change the answer to the question to yes and look at your valid total (don't forget to change the answer back to "No").  Even if you can't get your pre-2016 forms re-signed, you can still claim supervision hours form January 1, 2016 forward.  Scroll down for a screenshot.  The yellow box shows where the pre-2016 supervision hours are subtracted from your valid total if you can't re-print your old forms.  The red box shows the question you can answer if you want to include your pre-2016 supervision hours.       

Workshops, seminars, training sessions, or conferences – Per the BBS, workshop hours may be claimed from any date (even pre-2016) as long as they are documented on your experience verification forms.  The BBS is not going to update the forms to add a specific workshops category.  They have indicated that workshop hours should now be reported under the category of Client Centered Advocacy, Consultation, Evaluation, and Research on your forms.  TYH reports your workshop hours under the category of Client Centered Advocacy, Consultation, Evaluation, and Research on your weekly summary and experience verification forms. 

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