Software Update - New LPCC Experience Verification & Weekly Summary Forms (Feb 8, 2016)


The BBS has released a new LPCC experience verification form and weekly log form.  TrackYourHours has been updated so when you generate your forms, the newest version will be populated.  

You do NOT need to reprint any of your old forms; the BBS will accept these forms.  Going forward you should use the new forms.

What changed?
The new forms report the category of "Total Non-Clinical Experience" hours and remove all of the sub-categories that no longer have category maximums under the new experience requirements.  The new forms also include a breakout of your CFC hours for scope of practice requirements.  Learn more about the LPCC scope of practice for treatment of couples and families.  

The BBS has also released "Option 2" forms if you want to be evaluated under the old (pre-2016) requirements.  We did not upload these forms into TYH.  Given that the new requirements simply remove some category maximums the new requirements will always be equal to or better than the old requirements.  As a result there would never be an instance where it would make sense for an applicant to request to be evaluated under the old requirements.  

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