Software Update - New MFT Experience Verification and Weekly Summary Forms (Feb 8, 2016)


The BBS has released two new MFT experience verification forms and two new weekly summary forms.  One set of the forms reports your hours under the new experience requirements.  The second set of forms reports your hours under the old experience requirements.  The forms are labeled at the top as Option 1 (new requirements) and Option 2 (old requirements).  Note that the total hours reported on the forms is identical; the forms for the new requirements just don't include some of the sub-categories because they no longer have maximums under the new requirements.  

You do NOT need to go back and get new signatures for hours documented on the old forms; the BBS will accept these forms regardless of which set of requirements you want to be evaluated under.  Going forward you should use the appropriate form.

TrackYourHours has been updated to allow you to choose which of the forms you want to populate when you generate an experience verification form or weekly summary.  Simply answer the question "Which requirements do you want to use for your forms?" at the top of the Reports & Forms tab and the correct forms will be generated.  

Which forms should I use?

If there is any chance that you will want to be evaluated under the old (pre-2016 requirements) you should use the forms for the old requirements (Option 2).  These forms can be used whether you want to be evaluated under the old or new requirements.  If you use the forms for the new requirements you will lose the option of being evaluated under the old requirements because the forms for the new requirements don't report the hours under the sub-categories.  

What are the differences between the old and new experience requirements?

Read this article in our Knowledge Base for an overview and analysis of the differences. 

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