What changes were made to the MFT Experience Verification Form? (2015)


The BBS released a new MFT Experience Verification Form in May 2015.  Below is a summary of the changes.

  • A new field was added to indicate whether hours reported are pre- or post-degree.    
  • A new field was added to report your Intern Number.
  • A new field “Date First Licensed” was added under the supervisor section.  
  • Under the supervisor section the question “If a LPCC, did you meet the qualifications to treat couples and families during the entire period of supervision, as specified in California law?” was added.  In addition, the date the qualifications were met must be reported.  When the update goes live these questions will be added to the add/edit Supervisor page in TYH.  When you select LPCC for the license type of a supervisor you will be prompted to answer these questions so they can populate the form.   
  • The question about receiving payment as an intern now includes a box for “N/A (pre-degree experience)".   
  • Hours reported for the categories Administering and evaluating psych tests, etc. and CCA are now separated based on the date the hours were earned.  For these two categories all hours logged between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011 are reported in the left column.  All hours logged from January 1, 2012 forward are reported in the right column.  
  • Supervision per week is now reported as units instead of hours. This does not impact individual supervision (1 hour = 1 unit) but it does impact group supervision (2 hours = 1 unit)


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    Brian Wilson

    Do these changes require me to get my supervisor(s) to re-sign using the new forms? Or is it that I have to use the new forms from May 2015 onward?

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