Software Update - Improvements to Reports & Forms Tab (August 3, 2015)


The Reports & Forms tab has been updated to make it easier for you to clearly determine which forms need to be submitted to the BBS and which need to be retained with your records. 

  • The Reports & Forms tab now includes the Supervisor Responsibility Statement.  You can select your site/supervisor and TYH will populate the form so it is ready for your supervisor's signature.  This form should be completed before you begin earning hours at a site.  If you do not have this form for one or more of your supervisors you should get it signed ASAP because your hours will not be accepted in the absence of this form.
  • We added comments next to each of the forms so you can easily tell which forms must be submitted to the BBS and which should be retained in your records.
  • We added an "Other Documents" section to the bottom of the page with links to the application and additional documents that you may need to submit.  Each document includes a comment to make it easy to determine whether you are required to submit it.
  • We made adjustments that should improve the overall responsiveness of the site.
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