LPCC Experience Requirements (BBS LPCC)



  • Min 3,000 hours total (post-degree)
  • Min 1,750 hours direct counseling with individuals, groups, couples or families
  • Min 150 hours in a hospital or community mental health setting
  • Min 104 weeks of supervised experience


Max 1,250 hours of non-clinical practice

  • direct supervisor contact (supervision)
  • workshops, training and conferences (250 max)
  • client-centered advocacy
  • administering & evaluating psych tests, writing clinical reports, progress or process notes

Group therapy (500 max)

Telehealth counseling (375 max)

Max 5 hours supervision in a week

Max 40 hours (experience and supervision) in a week

Hours must be gained within 6 years of submitting application

Minimum one unit of supervision each week in each setting; one additional unit in any week more than 10 hours of client contact is claimed in each setting 

From January 1, 2014 forward workshops, trainings and conferences can be claimed in a week without supervision (supervisor must still approve the experience)

A unit of supervision = 1 hour of individual supervision or 2 hours of group supervision. Group supervision must be a minimum of one 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions in a week.

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