What are the supervision requirements (BBS LPCC)


Weekly Supervision Requirements

Each week you must receive a minimum of one unit (one hour of individual or two hours of group) of supervision in each work setting where you are claiming experience.  In addition, you need to receive an additional unit of supervision in any week in which you claim more than ten direct counseling experience hours (requirement applies to each week at each work setting).

TrackYourHours will provide an alert if you fail to meet the weekly or ratio supervision requirements. 


Definition of a Supervision Unit

A unit of supervision is defined as one hour of individual supervision or two hours of group supervision.  Group supervision can be claimed in two, one-hour sessions or one, two-hour session.  A group supervision session of less than one hour may not be claimed. 


Supervision Limits

You are allowed to claim a maximum of six hours of supervision (individual + group) per week.  This maximum applies to supervision hours logged across all settings each week.  Supervision hours in excess of this limit cannot be claimed when your hours are submitted.  Note that although the excess supervision hours will not be counted, you should continue to log all of your supervision hours.

Although the BBS does not specifically limit the total number supervision hours you can claim, both individual and group supervision hours count toward your non-counseling experience (NCE) category.  Once you reach this category maximum, additional supervision hours logged will not be counted when your hours are reviewed.   

TrackYourHours will provide an alert if you exceed the weekly supervision limit or non-counseling experience category maximum.  Hours logged above a category maximum will not count toward your valid total.  


Supervision Requirements for Professional Enrichment Activities (workshops)

Prior to January 1, 2014, interns were required to meet the minimum supervision requirement in any week where hours for professional enrichment activities (workshops, seminars, training sessions and conferences) were claimed.  From January 1, 2014 forward professional enrichment activities may be claimed in the absence of weekly supervision.  Although direct supervision is no longer required for professional enrichment activities, supervisors must still approve and sign off on the hours. 

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