What BBS regulations does TYH monitor? (BBS LPCC)


TrackYourHours is programmed with all of the BBS regulations and analyzes the hours that you log and generates an alert whenever there is an issue. The following is a list of all of the potential alerts for LPCC Interns:

  • Category Maximums
    • Group Therapy or Counseling
    • Telemedicine Counseling
    • Psych Tests
    • Workshops and Training
    • Non-counseling Experience
  • Weekly Maximums
    • More than 40 hours logged in a week
    • More than 6 hours of supervision logged in a week
  • Supervision Requirements
    • Insufficient supervision to claim any experience hours in a week
    • Failure to log at least two units of supervision in a week with 11+ hours of counseling logged
    • Group supervision sessions that are less than one hour long
    • Professional development (workshop) hours logged without supervision prior to January 1, 2014
  • Six-year rule
    • Experience hours logged more than six years prior to the current date

In addition to alerting you to issues, TYH also tracks all of the minimum experience requirements:

  • Direct Counseling Experience
  • Weeks of Individual Supervision
  • Weeks of Supervision
  • Hospital and Community Mental Health Experience
  • Hours logged with children, couples and families (you can optionally choose to track CFC hours for purposes of the scope of practice requirements for assessing and treating couples and families as an LPCC) 
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