Future changes to MFT experience requirements (Nov 2014)


In November 2014 the BBS discussed potential future changes to experience requirements for MFT candidates. If approved, the BBS has indicated that there will be a five year phase-in of the requirements.  Applicants who submit between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2020 would have the option of being evaluated under the old or new experience requirements.  As of January 1, 2021 the new requirements would apply to all applicants.  The TrackYourHours software will be updated as of the date the new requirements are effective.

For more information about the background of this proposal you can read the California MFT intern hours proposal: An explainer

You can also read the white paper produced by CAMFT Challenges in MFT Licensing in California

Below is a summary of the proposed changes to the requirements:

  • The category of non-counseling experience is renamed non-clinical practice, the category maximum is increased from 1,000 to 1,250 and the sub-categories of administering and evaluating psychological tests, writing clinical reports, writing progress or process notes and client-centered advocacy are added to the category.
  • The category maximum (500) for administering and evaluating psych tests, writing clinical reports, progress or process notes and client-centered advocacy is eliminated.
  • The category maximum (500) for group therapy is eliminated.
  • The category maximum (375) for telehealth is eliminated.
  • Personal psychotherapy hours can no longer be claimed.
  • Conjoint couples/family hours can no longer be double counted.
  • Under the current requirements applicants must log a minimum of 1,500 hours of direct counseling with individuals, groups, couples or families.  Under the proposed requirements this increases to 1,750 hours.


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