Attach Subscribers to Your Admin Account


Attaching new subscribers to your admin account is quick and easy.  The only requirements are that:  1) the individual you want to attach is a current TYH subscriber; and 2) you have permission from the subscriber to view his/her account. Currently you must ensure that you have the permission of the subscriber.  In a future update we will add functionality that will require the subscriber to accept your request to link accounts.  

1) Click the "+" sign in the upper right hand of the page.

2) Enter the first and last name (ex: John Doe) of the subscriber you want to attach in the search box and click the Search button.  If there are no results, try searching with just the last name.

3) Locate the subscriber you want to attach to your account and click "Link".  When prompted, click "OK".

Now the subscriber is attached to your admin account and you will be able to view his/her TYH account.  To return to the main page just click the house in the upper right of the page.   

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