Understanding Recorded and Valid Hours


“Recorded” hours are all of the raw hours entered into TrackYourHours.  The software does not make any adjustments to the recorded hours.  Recorded hours are used to populate the weekly logs and Experience Verification Forms.  

Valid” hours are a calculation of what an applicant can actually claim after applying the BBS regulations. The appropriate BBS regulations are applied based on the date the hours were earned. The Valid hour total is a calculation of claimable hours after applying the following BBS regulations to the recorded hours:

  • Category Maximums: If there is a maximum of allowable hours that can be claimed in a particular category and a subscriber logs hours in excess of that maximum, the software will not count the overage in the Valid calculation.  For example, if the maximum for the Notes category is 250 hours and 275 Recorded hours are logged in this category, only 250 of these hours will be counted in the Valid total.
  • No Supervision:  If hours are logged in a week and no supervision is logged at that site, then none of the hours will be counted as valid.  The only exceptions to this rule are: 1) MFT Personal Psychotherapy Hours; 2) MFT professional enrichment activities (workshop hours) logged on or after September 29, 2012; and 3) LPCC professional enrichment activities (workshop hours) logged on or after January 1, 2014.
  • Category Multipliers:  If a category has a multiplier it is applied to the valid total.  For example, personal psychotherapy hours are triple counted (max 300) and conjoint couples/family hours are double counted (max 150) in the valid total for MFT Trainees and Interns.
  • Category is Invalid: Prior to January 1, 2010 MFT trainees were not allowed to claim hours in the category of Progress and Process Notes. If a subscriber logs hours in this category prior to January 1, 2010 while in the status of Trainee or Trainee in Practicum, the software will provide an alert and the hours logged will not be added to the Valid total.

NOTE: There are instances where the software cannot (or should not) automatically subtract hours from the Valid total. In these instances the alert will specifically state that no hours have been subtracted from the valid total and that the week in question should be reviewed. Examples of this type of situation:

  • more than 6 supervision hours logged in a week
  • more than 40 total hours logged in a week
  • failure to meet the 5:1 counseling to supervision ratio requirement as an MFT Trainee
  • failure to log a second unit of supervision when 11+ hours of counseling are logged in a week
  • 6-year rule
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