Software Update - Improvements to navigation and alerts (January 7, 2015)


Over the past several months we have been focused on improving the navigation and ease of use of TrackYourHours based on feedback from our subscribers. Today we went live with a number of improvements which are highlighted below.

New Dashboard View - The Dashboard tab has been redesigned so it focuses exclusively on your progress. We moved the Summary Report to the Dashboard so you can quickly check your progress when you login. The Twitter & Facebook feeds have been removed to reduce clutter.

Simplified Reports & Forms Tab - The Reports & Forms tab now focuses exclusively on generating your reports and forms. Alerts have been moved to a separate tab so you no longer have to scroll past all of your alerts in order to generate forms.

New Alerts Tab & Alert Notifications - We added an Alerts tab. When an alert is triggered you are notified immediately. Once you click the alert popup or the Alerts tab, the alert is dismissed.

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