What if I fail to meet the MFT trainee supervision ratio requirement?


As an MFT trainee you must receive one unit of supervision during each week you are claiming experience (workshop and personal psychotherapy hours are excluded).  You are also required to receive an additional unit of supervision for every five hours of direct counseling experience claimed at each setting.  This second requirement is a ratio of counseling experience to supervision units at each setting and can be averaged across your experience at each site.  

If you fail to meet this second requirement you will be able to claim some, but not all of the counseling hours you logged.  In TrackYourHours click the Alert tab.  Here you can see the number of supervision units logged at each of your trainee sites.  To determine how many counseling hours you can claim at each site you should multiple your supervision units by 5.  For example, if you logged 20 units of supervision you would be able to claim 100 hours of counseling (5 x 20 = 100).  

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