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TrackYourHours Mobile is a web app designed to allow you to quickly and easily log your hours from your smartphone.  The mobile version of the site provides the following functionality:  enter and edit hours, access our Knowledge Base and submit a ticket to our Help Desk.

TIP:  Visit the full site to view your progress, view your alerts, add/edit sites and supervisors, update account settings, renew your subscription, generate forms and log personal psychotherapy hours (MFT version only).  New users must visit the main site to create a site and supervisor before using TYH Mobile to log hours.

Log in

  • Navigate to www.trackyourhours.com/mobile on your smart phone.  
  • Enter your email address and password.  Click Remember Me to remain logged in.  Once you login, you will remain logged in until you manually log out or go 30 days without accessing the mobile site.
  • Click the orange Log In box.  
  • Learn how to add a TYH icon to your home screen in order to quickly access the mobile site



Enter Hours 

  • When you login you will go directly to the Enter Hours screen.
  • Select your site & supervisor from the drop down menu.
  • The horizontal orange arrows to the left and right of the date field allow you to move forward and backward one week at a time.
  • Tapping the calendar icon will allow you to jump to a specific date and return to the current week.
  • Enter your hours in the cell for the appropriate day and category.  Hours are automatically saved as soon as you dismiss the keyboard or leave the cell by clicking on a different cell.  When you enter the last hour(s) on a page, click a different cell or dismiss your keyboard to save them.  

TIP:  If you prefer to enter hours weekly instead of daily just enter the weekly total in the Monday cell of the week. 





Access Support

  • Click the menu tab (three horizontal bars) to access the Support page or Log Out of the application. 
  • If you need assistance click the Support button and then click the Submit a Request button (bottom left of the page).

TIP:  Clicking the Support button will allow you to view our Knowledge Base and submit a ticket to our Help Desk.  

TIP:  If you are the only one who uses your smartphone you can remain logged in so you do not need to re-enter your username and password.




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