How do I make a supervisor inactive?


Making a Supervisor Inactive

When you are no longer logging hours under a supervisor you have the option of making that supervisor inactive in TrackYourHours.  Toggling a supervisor from active to inactive simply moves the supervisor to the bottom of the drop down list when you are selecting a supervisor to enter hours.  If you have a long list of supervisors this option will save you time because you will no longer have to scroll down the list of your supervisors to log new hours (active supervisors will always be at the top of the list).  Making a supervisor inactive does not have any effect on the reports you generate.  You should never delete a supervisor.  Deleting a supervisor will erase all hours attached to that supervisor.


To make a supervisor inactive:

1) Click the Sites tab.

2) Click Edit to the right of the supervisor you want to make inactive.



3) Click Inactive to toggle the status of the supervisor from active to inactive.  Click the Save button.  


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