How do I indicate the status of hours that I enter into TrackYourHours?


One of the most powerful features of TrackYourHours is that the software automatically assigns the appropriate status (pre-degree, post-degree, trainee, trainee in practicum, post-degree with application pending for intern registration, or registered intern) to your hours based on the dates you enter on the School & Status Information tab. 

As long as you keep your information up-to-date, you can just enter your hours and TrackYourHours will group your hours under the appropriate categories and sub-categories and reflect the appropriate statuses on your forms. 

To access the School & Status Information tab, click on the Account & Billing tab at the top of the page in TrackYourHours.   



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    Oliver Meyer

    Like the IMAGE above... I CANNOT select the status of "Graduated" and therefore all my generated forms have "Trainee in Practicum" selected ahead of time and this CANNOT be unselected while the other boxes CAN be selected. However, I think it looks bad for the BBS to see a form that says you are both an intern and trainee...

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