What is the difference between 'Recorded' and 'Valid' hours?


'Recorded' and 'Valid' Hours defined

Why does TrackYourHours report both Recorded and Valid hours?  Licensure regulations are complex.  One of the powerful features of TrackYourHours is that the software provides you with a solid estimate of the number of hours you will be able to claim when you submit your application; the Valid hour total.  It is very important to note that the Valid hour total is an estimate.  There are instances where TrackYourHours does not adjust your Valid total and it is impossible to predict with absolute certainty which hours will be excluded when they are reviewed.  We have designed our software to provide you with as accurate of an estimate as possible but you still need to review your hours carefully to look for potential issues.   

Below is a snapshot from the dashboard page from TrackYourHours.  The dashboard displays your Recorded and Valid hours.  The total displayed at the top of every page is your Valid total. 



Recorded' hours are all of the hours you enter into TrackYourHours.  The software does not make any adjustments to your recorded hours.  Every hour you enter will increase your recorded hour total.  Recorded hours are used to populate your Experience Verification Forms.  The only exception is if you have a week where you fail to log the minimum required supervision to claim hours.  Hours logged these weeks are excluded from your Experience Verification Forms because the BBS does not allow you to claim these weeks.   

'Valid' hours are our best interpretation of what you can actually claim based on applying the state regulations for the license you are seeking.


  1. Category Maximums: If there is a maximum allowable number of hours you can claim in a particular category and you record hours in excess of that maximum, the software will not count the overage in the Valid calculation.  For example, if the maximum for the Notes category is 250 hours and you have 275 Recorded hours in this category, only 250 of these hours will be counted in your Valid total.
  2. No Supervision:   If you record client contact hours in a particular week at a Site and do not record at least one unit of Supervision at that site, then none of your hours will be Valid for that Site in that week.  The hours will be included in your Recorded total but not your Valid total. 
  3. Category Multipliers:  If a category has a multiplier, it will be applied to your Valid hour total.  For example, California MFT regulations apply a 3:1 multiplier for all Individual Psychotherapy hours logged.  In this example for each hour of Individual Psychotherapy logged your Recorded hours would increase by 1 and your Valid hours would increase by 3.  

What is not included in Valid hours calculations?

If you have recorded more than 5 hours of supervision in a particular week and/or if you have recorded more than 40 total hours in a particular week (not including Personal Psychotherapy), you will receive an alert in the Reports & Forms page for every week where this occurs. Any hours in excess of either the 5 supervision hours or the overall total of 40 hours will NOT be deducted from your total Valid hours count.  The hours are not deducted because there is no way for the software to determine which hours should be excluded.  If you see this type of alert you will need to manually deduct these hours from the Valid total to arrive at a more accurate count of your total 'Valid' hours.

Why are my total Valid hours greater than my total Recorded hours?

There are instances where your Valid hours will be greater than your Recorded hours.  This can occur as a result of the application of category multipliers to your Valid hours.  Your recorded hours are the hours exactly as you enter them.  Category multipliers are applied to your valid hours.  Below are two examples of category multipliers that can result in your Valid hours exceeding your Recorded hours.     

    • If you are recording Conjoint Incentive hours (California MFT), then these hours (up to 150) are added to the Children, Families, and Couples Valid hours total with a 2:1 multiplier. So the Valid hours total will be greater than the Recorded hours total.
    • If you are recording Personal Psychotherapy hours (California MFT), for every 1 hour of Recorded Personal Psych hours, 3 are Valid (up to 300) based on the 3:1 multiplier. 
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