Do I need to log supervision in order to claim workshop hours? (California MFT)


Prior to September 29, 2012 the BBS required you to meet the minimum supervision requirement (1 unit)  in order to claim professional enrichment activities (workshops).  On September 29, 2012 the BBS eliminated the supervision requirement.  From September 29, 2012 forward you can claim workshop hours in a week without logging any supervision.    

TrackYourHours applies the appropriate rule based on the date your hours were earned.  If you log workshop hours prior to September 29, 2012 without logging 1 unit of supervision, you will receive an alert and the hours will be subtracted from your valid total.  Workshop hours logged from September 29, 2012 forward will count as valid with or without supervision being logged.  


What date was this change implemented?  

September 29, 2012


Is this change retroactive?  

No.  This change only applies to hours earned on or after September 29, 2012. 


What changed? 

As of September 29, 2012 MFT trainees and interns are no longer required to receive direct 
supervision for professional enrichment activities, such as workshops, seminars, 
training sessions, and conferences. The change is the result of the recent 
passage of SB 1575 which amended Section 4980.43 
of the Business and Professions Code. Prior to the passage of SB 1575, MFT 
trainees and interns were expected to receive supervision (at least an hour 
or two hours of group supervision) in the same week that workshop, seminar, 
training, and conference hours were obtained. Although direct supervision 
is no longer required for professional enrichment activity hours of 
experience, keep in mind that trainees and interns must still have their 
supervisors approve the workshops, seminars, trainings, and conferences they attend. 
Also, the BBS accepts workshop, seminar, training and conference hours 
that are acquired through online courses, provided that the courses meet all 
other requirements. 

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