Why are my valid hours higher/lower than my recorded hours? (BBS MFT only)


Recorded hours are the hours exactly as you enter them.  Valid hours are your hours after:  1) subtracting any hours that are over a category maximum; 2) subtracting hours logged in weeks where you didn't have any supervision and; 3) adding in hours based on the appropriate multipliers for Individual Psychotherapy and Conjoint Incentive Hours.  The valid hours provide you with a solid estimate of the number of hours you will be able to claim.  

In some instance your valid hours will be lower than your recorded hours.  This is the result of hours being excluded from your valid total due to the aforementioned factors.

In some instances your valid hours will be higher than your recorded hours.  The is the result of the category multipliers.  Individual Psychotherapy and Conjoint Incentive hours receive a 3:1 and 2:1 multiplier respectively in the valid hour calculation.    

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