Alerts for supervision ratio requirement (California MFT)


In addition to providing alerts for insufficient supervision in a week, TrackYourHours also provides alerts when you fall below the required minimum supervision ratio.  When you receive this alert it is important to note that TrackYourHours does NOT subtract any hours from your valid total.  If you are able to log sufficient supervision to meet the required ratio by the end of your experience at the site, the alert will disappear.  If you finish your experience and are still below the required ratio you need to review your hours and determine how many client contact hours will not be counted when they are reviewed.  To view your ratio(s) click the Alerts tab.  

Example of this alert:

Ratio Reports: You need 4 additional units of supervision for trainee hours at Sample Hospital. 
Hours have not been subtracted from your valid total. You should review this week to determine how many hours will not be counted.

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