Alerts for exceeding category maximums (California)


A number of categories and subcategories have maximums established by the BBS.  If you exceed the maximum of a category the excess hours will not count when your hours are reviewed.  If you receive an alert that indicates you have reached or exceeded the maximum number of allowable hours in a category, keep entering your hours.  You should always enter all hours, even when you exceed a category maximum.

Once you reach a category maximum, the software will stop counting the hours as Valid, however the hours will be added to your Recorded total and all of your hours will be included in the BBS forms you generate.  One of the powerful features of TrackYourHours is that it alerts you when you have met a category maximum and subtracts the excess hours from your valid total so that you have a good estimate of the number of hours that will be counted when they are reviewed.

Example of the alert:

You have reached your maximum number of hours for Personal Psychotherapy Received. 
Additional hours in the category will not count toward your valid total.

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