Software Update - Change in line 11 on LCSW Experience Verification Form (January 13, 2014)


The following article provides important information for users with California ASW/LCSW accounts.  Please read the entire article.


What did TrackYourHours change?

Line 11 on the LCSW Experience Verification Form reports the number of experience hours worked per week during your time at a site.  The BBS allows line 11 on the Experience Verification Form to be populated with a range (minimum and maximum) or average (mean hours per week).  TrackYourHours has historically populated line 11 with a range.  For example, if during the reporting period the minimum number of hours you worked in a week was 5 and the maximum number of hours you worked in a week was 38, line 11 would be reported as "5 - 38".  As of January 13, 2014 we have updated the software to populate line 11 with an average instead of a range.


Example of how line 11 has been populated prior to January 13, 2014:


Example of how line 11 is being populated going forward:



Why was this change made?

Although the BBS allows a range to be reported on line 11, based on recent discussions with the BBS we have determined that reporting a range on this line has the potential for hours being under-reported.  This especially true when a wide range is reported (for example, a range of 20 - 40).  Going forward when you generate your Experience Verification Forms you will see an average reported on line 11 instead of a range.  It is important to note that the BBS will continue to allow a range to be reported.  We are updating our software to report an average because we believe it is the best approach based on how the BBS is calculating your experience hours.   


What do I need to do?

We recommend that you review all of your previously generated Experience Verification Forms and discuss line 11 with your supervisor(s).  If you have any concerns about the range being reported on your forms you should reprint your Experience Verification Forms and have your supervisor sign them.


What if I have additional questions?

Please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist you.  We have spoken to the BBS and we can explain how line 11 is used when your hours are reviewed.    

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