Software Update - ASW update new supervision alert added (June 18, 2013)


The June 18, 2013 update to the ASW version of TrackYourHours added a new supervision alert.  Below is an explanation of the supervision requirements and new alert.  


Supervision Requirements

The BBS requires you to log at least 1 unit of supervision in order to claim hours in a week.  A unit of supervision is:  1 hour of individual supervision or 2 hours of group supervision.  In any week where you log more than 10 hours of counseling you must log an additional unit of supervision (total of 2 units for the week).  

As an example, if you log 10 hours of counseling in a week you must log 1 unit of supervision.  This unit could be 1 hour of individual or 2 hours of group supervision.  If you log 11 hours of counseling in a week, you must log 2 units of supervision.  Two units of supervision could be:  2 hours of individual supervision; 1 hour of individual supervision and 2 hours of group supervision; or 4 hours of group supervision.  

If you fail to meet the minimum supervision requirement in a week you receive an alert and TrackYourHours will automatically subtract the counseling hours logged that week from your valid total.  

This Update Added a New Alert..

If you meet the minimum supervision requirement in a week where you log 11+ hours of counseling but fail to log an additional unit of supervision, you will now receive an alert.  When you receive this alert you should speak to your supervisor.  This alert notifies you that you are short supervision hours for the week, but TrackYourHours does NOT automatically subtract counseling hours from your valid total.  Hours are not automatically subtracted because there is no way for the software to determine which specific category of hours should be adjusted; that decision should be made by you and your supervisor.  


Below is an example of the new alert.     

Week of June 9, 2013: You need 1 additional unit of supervision for hours at Sample Hospital.
Hours have not been subtracted from your valid total. You should review this week to determine how many hours will not be counted (counseling hours in excess of 10 cannot be claimed).


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