Software Update - Calculation of total hours (LCSW) (May 22, 2013)


We removed individual and group supervision hours from the total recorded and valid calculations.  Historically you have been able to view how you are progressing relative to the BBS requirements by viewing the categories on the Summary Report on the Reports & Forms tab.  With this update your recorded and valid totals match the categories the BBS counts toward the 3,200 hour requirement (the totals count your experience hours and exclude supervision hours).  This update is in response to many of you who have requested that we remove Individual and Group Supervision hours from the recorded and valid hour totals.  This change is just a modification to the way the total hours are being calculated and it will not change the number of hours you have logged and will not change the hours that are included on your weekly logs or Experience Verification Forms.  When you review your Summary Report on the Reports & Forms tab your hours pre- and post-update will be identical.  


If you have any questions about your account please contact us so we can walk you through the calculations.

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