Software Update - Improvements to LCSW version (LCSW) (March 26, 2013)


These updates are designed to improve your ability to monitor your progress relative to the BBS requirements. 

Please read a summary of the updates below.  

  • We are adding a row to the Reports & Forms summary report that will show the number of hours logged under the supervision of an LCSW.  The BBS requires a minimum of 1,700 hours to be supervised by an LCSW and going forward TrackYourHours will track this requirement for you.  Note that the requirement is hours of experience logged under the supervisor, not hours of actual supervision.  
  • The “Create New Supervisor” form will include a reference to the new BBS requirement for supervisors of ASWs.  Going forward when you add a new supervisor you will be reminded of the new requirement when entering the licensure date of your supervisor. Below is the new requirement that was released by the BBS:  Effective April 1, 2013, a person supervising an associate clinical social worker must have been licensed in California or another state for at least two years prior to beginning any supervision. This new requirement is in addition to the other existing requirements for supervisors of associate clinical social workers, as referenced in Sections 1870 – 1874 of Title 16 of Division 18 of the California Code of Regulations
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