Tracking Couples, Family and Children Hours (California LPCC)


Scope of Practice for Couples and Families

Per the BBS, counselors who would like to assess and treat couples and families or supervise Marriage and Family Therapist Interns (MFTIs) should include 500 hours of supervised practice with couples, families and children in their internship.  These hours must be under the supervision of a LMFT or a LPCC who has met these extra requirements.  

Logging CFC Hours

Your couples, families and children hours are logged as a subset of your individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and telephone counseling hours.  After entering hours in each of these categories simply indicate how many of the hours were with children, families or couples.  In the example below 5 individual psychotherapy hours are logged and 1 is entered in the Individual Psychotherapy with Children category.  This indicates that of the 5 individual psychotherapy hours, 1 of them was with children.  


Viewing your Progress

To view your progress toward the 500 hour requirement click the Reports & Forms tab and scroll to the bottom of your Summary Report.  Here you can see the total number of CFC hours you have logged.  Both your recorded and valid CFC hours are reported.  The valid hours are hours that were logged in a week where you logged at least 1 unit of supervision.   

Reporting CFC Hours

The BBS has not yet released a form for reporting CFC hours but they have indicated that LPCCs must retain documentation of their supervised hours.  To generate a report that can be signed by your supervisor(s) click the Reports & Forms tab and then select the Children, Family and Couples Summary Report.  Only valid hours (hours logged in a week where you logged at least one unit of supervision) will be included on the report.  You should generate and retain this report in your records in case it is ever requested by the BBS.     

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